I get such a kick out of working ‘with’ couples, getting to know them personally, finding out what makes them laugh and cry, so that I can craft the perfect ceremony for them and provide a day they remember as one of the pivotal moments in their lives.

I’m confident with public speaking and I really love being creative, having successfully turned my hand at many things over the years from art and graphic design, tourism, public information and communications in the emergency sector, and now owning and running my own Celebrancy business.

I love meeting new people and listening to their stories. Surrounding myself with so much love fills me with happiness. The world is a huge place with such diversity of cultures, opinions and lifestyles; I find it intriguing to hear how we all contribute something of ourselves.

I asked several of my friends how they would describe me and the recurring words were: kind, lovely, smart, determined, caring, independent, brave, generous, busy and a giver. These words humbled me but I believe that they do describe me and the way I live my life.

Inclusive ceremonies

I am Shelley Roylance and my pronouns are She / Her! What are yours?

There is no need to ask because words can’t express how happy I was that Australia finally accepted that love is love, and that who are or who you love is no barrier to being married.

I love to celebrate love at every opportunity so let’s chat about how you want to celebrate your love!

Specialty service for Auslan users

I offer a specialty service for clients who use Australian Sign Language (Auslan).

I have spent several years learning Auslan and getting to know, love and understand your culture. Our initial meetings can be held in Auslan if you are more comfortable with that.

Conducting inclusive ceremonies is important to me and providing you and your witnesses are fluent in Auslan, I can assist in providing contacts should you wish to book an interpreter or am happy to work with someone you nominate. I’m confident in working with interpreters and would provide the script for your ceremony ahead of time to ensure the interpreter is comfortable with the content beforehand.

Specialty service for people with English as a second language

I’m also more than happy to work with a verbal/ spoken interpreter to ensure your ceremony is inclusive for all guests regardless of their native language.

I can assist in providing contacts should you with to book a NAATI Accredited Interpreter or alternatively I can work with your chosen interpreter.

Specialty service for people with disabilities

My family like many others, has several family members living with significant disabilities.  From time to time I am an advocate for them and others in my community who’s voice isn’t as loud as mine.

In being an advocate I have learned to navigate my way around most issues and can usually find a solution for everyone. Finding the win/win for everyone is my goal in life.

I understand how barriers can impact people with disabilities and I’ll work with you to get your special day just right for you. I will notice things others may not and together we can work on making it a day you will love to remember.


To mirror my lifestyle, I’m committed to maintaining an environmentally friendly business with a minimal carbon footprint.

To that end most of my correspondence will be via email and I will use recycled paper products wherever I can. I can hardly wait until the South Australian office of Births Deaths and Marriages goes online, to avoid all the physical paper handling that we now do.

Some couples love to include rituals on their special day and I’d be delighted to ensure they too have a minimal environmental impact with the use of such things as bubbles in lieu of balloons, recycled glass packaging for a sand ceremony and a tree sourced locally for tree-planting ceremonies. While I prefer not to use balloons I can refer you to suppliers who use biodegradable options should you wish.