While wedding receptions are easy to personalise since there’s so many components involved, it’s the wedding ceremony that can be the tough one. After all, most wedding ceremonies come steeped in classic values and this means being rooted in ancient traditions of various kinds.

If you happen to be on the lookout for an event where you’d like to place a stamp of personalisation on the big day, I recommend instilling your ceremony with a wedding ritual. It should represent why you, your spouse and all loved ones are gathered here in the first place: unity.

Below I’m discussing two important and popular wedding rituals: The Time Capsule and The Unity Candle Ceremony.

Cherishing the Blessed Moments with the Wedding Rituals

Time capsule – a blissful means of cherishing moments to last a lifetime

While photography may be termed as a popular manner of capturing all of your wedding day memories, there are other beautiful options worth considering. Think along the lines of an innovative manner of saving marital bliss. Something that is kept secretive and only revealed when the right time arrives. And in case you haven’t guessed it, it’s the magical time capsule.

Wine bottles and love letters

The essence of the time capsule! This magical wedding tradition can be of several kinds. On the whole, couples generally pick out little components that carry great sentimental value. From handwritten love notes to little symbols representing their bond, this romantic ritual has no bounds. Once done, the time capsule is placed in a large wooden box, treasure chest or anything big enough to safely keep these beautiful memories in one place.

Many couples like to include the guests too, allowing them to place certain items during the reception. Whatever the case may be, there’s one thing for sure, and that involves nothing being comparable to the feeling couples get when opening this treasure together. It’s like reliving the thousands of heartfelt and emotional sentiments that come attached to a special day like a wedding anniversary.

The unity candle ceremony – the best representation of unity beyond bounds

Considered to be an age-old tradition of the Judeo-Christians, the unity candle ceremony is a brilliant fascination for many at weddings today. The marriage celebrant speaks a few words about the significance of the ritual, just before the wedding vows.

The couple each hold lit candles as they come forward. Then both light a third candle, present in the centre and then hold the lit candle together.

This act represents the combining of two individuals as one. It must be noted that all three candles must be lit at all times. In some places, the couple’s parents or chosen loved ones carry on with this tradition instead, symbolising the union of the two families into one.

Some couples like to involve their guests by asking loved ones to light up candles at the entrance, while saying a blessing upon their entry into the venue as two candles represent the coming together of each of them while one candle symbolises the families. The tradition of commitment and love is for an everlasting and successful marriage and hence appreciated by many around the world.


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